Deutscher K√ľnstlerbund Projektraum Berlin, 2018

Deutscher Künstlerbund Projektraum Berlin

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Performative Installation

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Performance Video Documentation


Performance and video documentation: address to the audience with computer generated voice, elevator music and car headlights at the exhibition opening on March 16, 2018
Installation, audio speakers, monitor and plastered writing on wall

The work Sequel Set uses the exhibition space as a production site and designs a temporary setting with the fleeting elements of light and sound as well as the audience as incalculable co-players. It explores how urban space and actors penetrates the exhibition through the shop windows and how this outside influences the "insider position" in an "art institution." The fleeting event was recorded and supplemented by situational arrangements. Staging and documentation merge into a fictional frame story whose episodes are developed and continued over time - as a new reality.

Based on the particularities of the project space - red linoleum floor, grandstand situation, large shop windows - the exhibition of the participating artists is defined as a changeable experiential space. Instead of a static installation, a flexible, situational concept emerges.

In the context of the exhibition:
STAGE|SET|AREA, Group Show curated by Silvia Beck, with Antje Blumenstein and Suse Weber,
Deutscher Künstlerbund Projektraum Berlin, 2018