Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin, 2018

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NO PRIVATE PLEASURE Video installation, Video loop, gaffer tape

"The former Bethanien Hospital was a very special place and the Executive Team immediately recognized an outstanding opportunity for our campaign. The Chief Executive consistently derived the show's name from the building's characteristic wall openings and sightlines: Perforated Walls. For the ten task forces involved, this setting meant that they had to direct their focus to space-consuming solutions. The entire arsenal was called upon ... Big Shared Spaces made of aluminum and plastic fabric, as well as iron, mirrors and bamboo again and again, made it possible to see through to the other side. I myself was able to use the motif of the 'piercing gaze as an instrument of perception' specifically to demonstrate what it means for the profiling of an individual to be scanned non-stop through transparent walls: No Private Pleasure ...."

Text: Viola Kamp, on behalf

As part of the exhibition:
PERFORATED WALLS – PARTI-CIPATION VII, Group Show curated by Nadine Hahn in cooperation with Silvia Beck and Hafemann International Projects, Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin, 2018