LSD Galerie Berlin, 2013

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Opening performance

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Video still "Report to the Headquarters"

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Video projection "Report to the Headquarters"

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Showcase, artist's book "200X"

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Video documentation opening performance

Video "The Opening", HD 04:00 min

The Complex 200X On site installation and performance

Wall drawing, video projection, video monitor, collage
Performance at the exhcibition opening, video documentation / monitor

"Nothing is as it seems: Viola Kamp’s walk-in-montage operates as a completely flexible film set, waiting to entangle the visitors into a scene of hidden depths.
Behind the shop window at Potsdamer Straße 65 hides what looks to be a Gallery. In reality we are entering a showroom, transformed into a production space. Two and three-dimensional goods are used as camouflage and conceal the real purpose of this direction headquarters; Clarifying an extremely complex connection, providing orientation in a puzzling totality and filtering false information. As a sub-branch from the Berlinale next door, an encrypted scenario has been designed by an experimental setup. Coded wall patterns create a decorative stage to place Viola Kamp’s performance forays. Her goal, the “Komplex 200X”, covers the noughties until today. This is not a Game: at the interface of image and language, manipulative processes are being dissected.“
Press release LSD Gallery