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global loop 20XX

The Big Picture by an Unknown Traveller

– work in progress –

Moscow – Tehran – Samarkand – Urumqi – Xian – Hanoi – Singapore – Colombo – Nairobi – Athens – Venice – Rotterdam

Imagine: All airports are locked. You can't travel without a special ID and permission. But you want to go to Moscow. Then on to Tehran. And then somehow to China. For a few months on the tracks of the old and new Silk Road. And already you are in big trouble. These are places outside the ruling order. And additionally in pandemic times. These territories are a no-go. It is not only the wrong direction, it is also an area full of pitfalls where you can only move from quarantine to quarantine. So what are you doing? You're not a tourist, after all - you're following a mission. Just like 20 years ago, when traveling was not a problem:

In purely playful terms, you had defined yourself as a business-class traveler at that time (global loop 2000). In 2000, the incentive was still to exploit the new digital possibilities and to understand global networking in its urban centers. In 2021, the challenge is to escape digital control and still experience immediacy.

What can be researched in advance? How can you prepare?
Will everything remain only in your imagination?
Or could your experience create a new world of its own?