ISELP / ARGOS, Brussels, 2017

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Performance ARGOS

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Video Installation ISELP

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Performance ISELP

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2-channel video installation for 2 monitors 04:17 min, HD colour/sound (2016)
Live performance during the exhibition opening in ISELP / ARGOS on 22 and 23 september 2017

The starting point for both, the video work and the performance, was the awareness that we all too willingly entangle ourselves in the seemingly privileged contexts of a surveillance economy. In order to secure a position of special rights and, not least, to generate attention for our own person and our own (artist) status we give away our personal data.

The performance at the exhibition opening of the duo show in ISELP and ARGOS invites the audience to perceive these mechanisms of complicity based on the suggestive fantasy of special attention and status - a paradox that seduces individuals into becoming objects of manipulation and control.
The 2-channel video installation "Complicity Report" as part of the exhibition at ISELP also explores the problematic status of personal identity in the face of an omnipresent digital media reality. In a system essentially based on narcissism, the self tends to be decoupled from the principle of solidarity.

Seemingly everyone wants to be famous, everyone wants glamour, a fashionable lifestyle, everyone wants followers, groups and friends, everyone wants to be part of the big power narrative. The most perceived neediness relates to a lack of identity and purpose in life. And the more life takes place in the digital realm, the more people consent to the exploitation of their personal data. If privilege is your goal throughout your life - and for most people it is - you will become attached to a certain lifestyle, you will become dependent on the structure and you will inevitably become loyal to it.

As part of the exhibition:
COMNUTIES – seuils/drempels/thresholds - Duoshow with ARGOS centre for audiovisual arts,
Group Show curated by Maité Vissault / ISELP arts contemporains Brussels, 2017